Holley Johnson is an event management company that is here to make your event a success. We can provide the live music: sound, stage, lights, artists, & engineers for your events.  
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Holley Johnson Inc. is a Live Music Event Management Company

Holley Johnson has over 10 years experience in the Live Music and the event management business. We are located in the Triangle( Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), NC.

We understand the importance of making your events a success. Our team can work or create the day or night an experience to enjoy and remember.

A few of our other services are  Cd recordings, Snow machines rentals, Light Shows, School Productions, Weddings, Videos productions, installing .  Feel free to contact one of our representatives via phone 919.730.8033
or contact form.  Thanks Holley Johnson.

Church and Sound

We can provide the engineers to install sound equipment, EQ your rooms for the best quality sound, train your sound team on how to get more out of your existing equipment, and even have someone there to help run your sound for services.
We also have a price list of the different items we rent. We do rent sound, lighting, stage equipment. You can find Snow Machines, sound boards, mics to wireless mics, video cameras, and the like. I can go on and on with what we can rent, but feel free to contact us via phone or Holley Johnson's Contact Form.

Holley Johnson the Rental Company

The schedule will include the live music, sound, stage, lighting works and special events. Some of these events may include working with non-profits, Grand Openings for businesses and much much more!     Later in the season we will add Holiday Events.